User’s guide
Stream Hatchet is aimed to offer a complete analytics tool for agencies around Twitch,
whether they are agents, streamers, teams, game companies or eSports organizations.
Our goal has always been to create an analytics tool that supports data based decision
making. Our system can be used by a broad range of streamers and companies.
Stream Hatchet’s main solution is a platform that provides real-time statistics, historical data,
analytics and comparison of channels, games and teams, allowing streamers and
organizations to gain insights from this industry.
In order to use our service, you have to login with a Twitch account. The section “My
Channel” contains detailed information about the given account.
We ask for the following permissions from your Twitch account:
View your email address:
In order to send you emails such as weekly reports and updates
Get the list of all subscribers of your channel:
To provide information of your subscribers.
Update your channel's title, game, status, and other metadata:
In the Live Dashboard there is
a widget that will enable you to change your Twitch status and game while streaming.
Cut VODs:
We do not use this permission but it comes together with the previous one.
The first time you log in, our bots will start tracking your channel. You do not need to have
our website open, we will be tracking your activity directly through Twitch.
The tool is divided in three sections: My Channel, Twitch Intelligence and Settings
My Channel
In this section, you will find aggregated statistics of your channel that you registered to
Stream Hatchet.
The Dashboard is our real-time feature. It tracks almost everything related to your account.
The Dashboard is composed by a set of widgets. Data appears once you start streaming.
All widgets are flexible so you are able to move them around and put the most important
ones to the handiest position. widgets that have a wrench are customizable by clicking on it.
: Have a quick look at the main stats while broadcasting. You will find here your current
viewers, new views, new followers, new subscribers, session donations and streaming time.
You will also find here other stats like your all-time average viewers. This will allow you to
have a sense of how you are doing right now, in terms of viewers compared to how you do
on average.
Activity Log
: The widget that stores everything in a list format that is happening in your
stream. It sorts the events by time (most recent events on the top). It also allows you to hide
any kind of event, so that you can focus on what is important for you.
Viewers Graph
: Detailed graph of your viewership. Hover your mouse on it to see more
details. The graph has three entities:
viewers are the viewers of your stream that are not logged in Twitch.
are the viewers that are logged in Twitch.
Chat frequency
is the number of chat messages per minute.
The Unknown viewers and chatters use the scale on the left and chat frequency the one on
the right.
Each widget also displays frames of your stream while moving the mouse across the timeline.
That way, you will be able to analyze what you were doing when you had a peak or a valley in
your viewership.
Chat voice
: It is a Twitch Chat analyzer. The upper part shows the trends or topics of your
stream, meaning the most frequent words or sentences that were recently written. A good
analogy would be Twitter’s trending topics. The bottom part of that widget is a counter of
emoticons used in your chat during your streaming session.
Twitter feed
: It is a customizable Twitter feed. Use it to create your own feed.
: Have a look at the games you’ve played during your session and check the highest
rank you have achieved. You will be able to know how many streamers are broadcasting the
same game, as well as how many viewers, and what is your share of that game.
: The exact same chat you will see on Twitch. Use it to spam all the Kappasyou need!
: Always there for you to check that the stream is being broadcasted as intended.
Twitch panel
: With this widget, you will be able to easily change your game or status while
you are streaming without having to go to Twitch.
is a period of continuous streaming e.g. Session #4 July 27th from 4pm to 6pm.
Twitch does not use Sessions. It is an entity that we have created in order to understand
better your streaming activity.
Once you enter Past Sessions, you find a calendar with all your sessions since the day you
have registered at Stream Hatchet. A day with a circle means that you have streamed that
day. Click on it, and on the right, you will see previews of the given day’s sessions.
By clicking on one of your sessions, you will be able to see the details of that session. The
Past Session is displayed as the
. It contains some of the widgets that are present
on the Dashboard, with the following differences:
· Peak viewers instead of Current Viewers.
· The chat voice data is aggregated. It means that it displays the most commented topics and
the total number of emoticons sent through the chat during your whole streaming session.
· The VOD widget will display the video or videos of your session. You have to let Twitch
archive your broadcasts to make this widget work. More info here:
Analytics is where you can obtain deeper insights of your channel. It gives you a broader
perspective of your streaming performance. It allows you to query information of a specific
range of dates.
The widgets you will find here are:
Average viewership
: Compare the viewers you have had for each streaming session,
identified by Chatters (viewers logged in on Twitch) and Unknown (viewers who are not
logged in on Twitch).
: It shows which games you have played each session and how many viewers you have
had for each game on average.
Average viewers per hour
: It shows, on average, at which time of the day you have more
New Subscribers and Followers
: It keeps track of how many subscribers and followers you
have per session.
: Here you can check all the donations from Stream Labs. You can check the
donations by session or by day.
Interaction Index:
It displays how interactive the games you have played are. If the
interaction index is high, it means that your viewers were very active in the chat while you
were playing that game.
This index is calculated taking into account how many viewers you have on average for that
game, how many of them are chatters (meaning that they are logged in with their Twitch
account and that they can send messages through the chat), and finally how many messages
are actually being sent.
Most played games
: It shows all the games you have played in your stream and for how long
you played each one of them.