Everything you need to know about Stream Hatchet's products and offerings.

Stream Hatchet specializes in data analytics for the live streaming industry. We provide a range of tools and services designed to offer insights into live streaming data across various platforms. 

Stream Hatchet’s analytics platform aggregates data from major streaming platforms, allowing users to gain a comprehensive view of the live streaming landscape. This includes information on viewership statistics, audience demographics, streamer performance, game popularity, and industry trends. We also offer historical data analysis, crucial for understanding long-term trends and making informed decisions in content strategy, marketing, and audience engagement.

Stream Hatchet offers various services so you can take advantage of the live streaming world and superpower your brand: 

  1. Web Platform: Business Intelligence dashboard to understand industry trends and enhance marketing operations processes.
  2. Reporting: Custom reporting solutions from our team of data analysts to focus on how and what is driving value for sponsorship and marketing activations.
  3. API/Data Integration: Flexible interface for businesses to integrate real-time data into internal reporting mechanisms.

We offer three different plans for our Web Platform. Choose the one that fits your needs the most, we are always happy to customize it if you need it to. Drop us a line and we’ll answer any questions about account pricing, Custom Reporting, API Integrations, or Solutions for Enterprise accounts, contact us and we’ll create a custom package for your needs. 

We currently work with all major streaming platforms for our data. Here’s a full list of supported platforms: 

  • Twitch
  • YouTube Live
  • YouTube Gaming
  • Kick
  • AfreecaTV
  • Steam
  • Trovo
  • Facebook Live
  • Nonolive
  • Openrec
  • NaverTV
  • Chzzk
  • Rumble
  • Rooter
  • Mildom
  • Loco
  • DLive
  • VK
  • KakaoTV
  • X
  • TikTok
  • Chzzk
  • Bigo Live

We also have historical data for now-defunct live-streaming platforms, including: 

  • CubeTV
  • Mixer
  • Smashcast
  • Garena LIVE
  • Booyah

We use different metrics to show our data, here’s a preview of some of them: 

  • Hours Watched: The total number of hours the audience watched of the channel during the selected timeframe.
  • Average Concurrent viewers: The average number of viewers watching the channel during the broadcasting time within the selected timeframe.
  • Peak Concurrent Viewers: The maximum number of viewers watching the channel at the same time reached within the selected timeframe.
  • Airtime: The amount of time that a channel broadcasted live in hours.
  • Chat Mentions: Total times the specified keyword has been mentioned in the live session chat. 
  • Chat Impressions: The number of times the chat messages were seen by viewers of a channel. This combines all viewers across all messages of a specific keyword sent during the date range. In other words, it’s the potential views the selected chat messages had.
  • AMA (Average Minute Audience): The average number of viewers watching at any point during the broadcast within a 24-hour window. 
  • User Generated Content: Non-official channels, mostly creators, that streamed an esports event. These channels are often referred to as co-streamers. 
  • Logo Presence Share: The proportional exposure of each brand logo. This is measured by dividing the # of exposures of the selected brand by the total exposures of all brands during the selected timeframe. 
  • Earned Media Value: The combined dollar value of every logo detection from the selected brand in the channel. EMV is used to measure the impact in dollars of promoted or organic advertising during the selected timeframe. 
  • Cost per Mile (CPM): The dollar equivalent that content creators could charge for every 1,000 impressions received by their streams. 

Stream Hatchet accumulates data from every major platform (see “platforms FAQ”) with the industry’s highest standard of 1-minute granularity to ensure our quality and accuracy. You’re getting the most accurate and up-to-date data on the market with Stream Hatchet’s solutions.

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