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Kai Cenat’s Record-Breaking Mafiathon Sets New Standards in Live Streaming

Kai Cenat has set a new standard for marathon live-streaming events with his record-breaking Mafiathon. In about a month’s time, Kai generated 46 million hours watched on Twitch. In February alone, he broke the record for most hours watched by a single creator in one month with 43 million hours watched.

What is a Mafiathon

The “Mafiathon” was Kai Cenat’s version of a marathon live stream or “subathon” where Kai broadcast on Twitch 24/7. The name came from combining “Mafia” which is the name Kai calls his supporters, with marathon. Kai live streamed his Mafiathon for 30 days straight, 24 hours a day, from February 1st to March 2nd. 

The Mafiathon had many key moments throughout the 30 days. Special cameos came from popular musicians like NLE Choppa and G Herbo. Actress Skai Jackson, YouTuber KSI, and fellow twitch streamers xQc, yourrage, and other members of AMP also made appearances on Kai’s stream. 

The Mafiathon was packed with engaging content like Super Bowl watch parties, magic tricks, and hypnotists. Even when Kai was sleeping there was media share for chat to engage with and modcasts (a mod cast is a live podcast that is hosted by a Twitch channel’s moderators, usually while the streamer is asleep or away from the computer) to provide a continuous experience for Kai’s viewers to enjoy each day. 

Kai Cenat Mafiathon Daily Live Streaming Stats

Mafiathon Live Streaming Stats

The Mafiathon was the major catalyst behind Kai Cenat breaking the all-time Twitch subscriber record and the record for most hours watched by a creator in a month on Twitch. 

At the end of February, Kai broke the all-time Twitch subscriber record with 306K active subscribers. The previous record was set by Ludwig in April of 2021 during his own subathon.

Kai also broke the record for the most hours watched by a single creator in a month with 43 million hours watched in February. The previous record was set by top creator xQc with 38.9M hours watched in May of 2021.

Kai’s Mafiathon event generated over 46M hours watched and averaged 66.6K viewers throughout the broadcast. Each day Kai was able to bring an average of 599K unique registered viewers to his channel who sent an average of 540K chat messages a day. By the end of March 2nd, he garnered 16M chat mentions in total. 

The Mafiathon is a moment for the Twitch record books that has cemented Kai’s position as one of the top live streamers across all platforms. 

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