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Ludwig Ahgren Subathon 2.0

Ludwig hosted his Subathon 2.0 event on November 18-20. For 50 hours Ludwig was trapped inside a 12 x 12 ft glass box in the DreamHack building in Atlanta, Georgia. While Ludwig has had mixed feelings about his previous subathon that catapulted his career, he decided to use his second to support charity instead. All proceeds raised during the subathon would go to No Kid Hungry, a foundation that focuses on feeding and supporting starving children, as well as for Alveus Sanctuary, an animal conservation shelter in Austin, Texas. 

Ludwig was able to generate 882 thousand hours watched during the event to go with the $300,000+ that was raised for charity. During the livestream not only were viewers allowed to watch Ludwig live as well as in person, he also incorporated milestones during the stream where at $42,000 he play a match of chess boxing, $100,000 he would let YouTube chat pick his next haircut, $250,000 he got waxed, and at $300,000 he let his top donators give him tattoo ideas, and his chat will vote on their favorite. Towards the end of the subathon, Ludwig was able to reach his peak viewership of 57.5 thousand viewers while announcing that he will get a tattoo of the Twitch logo and of his QTCinderella’s cat Coots. 

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