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What’s With The MMORPGs? A Case Study On Lost Ark

MMORPGs, the trailblazers in the realm of online gaming, have transformed the gaming landscape, offering ways for endless exploration and collaboration for gamers around the globe. An example of this genre’s relentless innovation is the game “Lost Ark,” developed by Smilegate Entertainment and released in the West by Amazon Game Studios.

Redefining Gaming with MMORPGs

MMORPGs are credited with laying the foundation for immersive, interactive gaming experiences, enabling players to traverse expansive realms and combat formidable foes collectively. Despite not reigning supreme in gaming rankings, the reach of MMORPGs transcends mere numerical dominance. It’s the fervor of the gaming communities and their engagement that distinguishes MMORPGs, especially in maintaining consistent engagement metrics post-launch.

The richness of content provided by MMORPGs captivates many streamers, providing them with an extensive reservoir of engaging material. The magnetic pull of new game releases hypes audiences, generating a persistent fervor amongst dedicated gamers who are passionate and highly engaged, showing consistent preferences in quality over quantity in audience metrics.

Lost Ark: Recent increase in viewership

Lost Ark, a paragon of MMORPGs, debuted in Korea in 2019 before releasing in Europe, North America, and South America in 2022, witnessing its peak audience numbers. However, a decline was observed post-Q1 2022. Lost Ark attained the pinnacle as the #1 MMORPG during Q1’22, amassing over 200M hours watched. Despite the unparalleled hype, the game confronted challenges like bot invasions and player fatigue leading to a decrease in viewership. 

Nonetheless, efforts to increase interest through daily content reduction, incentives for novice players, and collaborations with content creators and active drops campaign on Twitch have ignited a resurgence in viewership. 

The introduction of the new raid “Thaemine” in the Korean servers has played an important role in this revival. Being released on September 13th, it allowed the top Korean players and streamers to run the raid for unique rewards to the party who clears it first. Creating a Race to World First on Lost Ark, and streamers have capitalized on this. The #1 streamer during this time, handongsuk(한동숙) was able to reach over 5M Hours Watched from the 13th to the 24th of September, which was the time it took his raid party to clear the raid.

All of these releases have given Lost Ark an increase in viewership, placing #5 in the top 5 games overall on a 7-day period with 16.3M Hours Watched.

The Evolution of MMORPGs

The true enchantment of MMORPGs is encapsulated in their continual evolution. Regular content updates ensure the genre’s sustainability, keeping the gaming populace enthralled with new expansions, raids, map zones, and classes. The perpetual influx of fresh content keeps the loyal fanbase of games like Lost Ark engaged, enabling them to delve into hours of renewed exploration and conquests.


MMORPGs continue to wield substantial influence in the live-streaming industry. They offer an unparalleled depth of interactive experiences and sustained player engagement. While the initial hype may wane, strategic updates and the unceasing introduction of novel content ensure the genre’s enduring relevance and appeal.

The passion and high engagement rates within the MMORPG community underscore the genre’s significant impact, highlighting the quality and consistent appeal of these games post-release. Lost Ark’s journey illustrates the enduring reach of MMORPGs, depicting a journey of continual evolution and revitalization, promising an unending saga of exploration and camaraderie for the global gaming community.

In a landscape dominated by trends, the sustained appeal and perpetual innovation of MMORPGs like Lost Ark are testament to the genre’s indomitable spirit and its pivotal role in shaping the future of gaming experiences.

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