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#Ads of the Week: September 7th – September 13th

TL;DR: TimTheTatman sweeps this week’s podium with three #CoDPartner streams.

For the first time in the #Ads of the Week series, there was a full sweep of the top sponsored segments. TimTheTatman took advantage of the new Call of Duty creator codes to produce close to 1M hours watched across his partnered streams. Publishers are continuing to use creator codes as a way to generate awareness that benefits both the streamer and the game itself. Tim gets a portion of the revenue created by those using his code in the CoD store while Activision gets the #ad on his channel reaching thousands of viewers. These may not be the traditional sponsored streams but they’re creating a new way for publishers to push the boundaries and leverage the influencers streaming their games every day.

TimTheTatman x Activision / Call of Duty

  • TimTheTatman generated over 820K hours watched from the three top sponsored streams last week. He also held the fourth most watched stream with an additional 162K hours which also used the #CoDPartner tag.
  • The three top streams reached a peak viewership of 121K and while averaging 44K viewers over 19 hours of live content.
  • Activision and Call of Duty also used influencers to help reveal their newest game Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War last week. This reveal was also Tim’s top sponsored stream that generated 408K hours watched.

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