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#Ads of the Week: January 18th – January 24th

The latest #Ads of the Week features more unique campaigns outside of the usual game playthroughs or latest gaming product. PlayStation partnered with TheGrefg (who recently broke the all-time peak viewership record with 2.5M viewers) to run a sweepstakes giving away PSN credits via the PlayStation Store to those tuning in. Creating incentives for viewers to watch and earn rewards is a great example of taking an extra step to create better engagement and lasting impressions. Next, Swagg worked with the CW network to promote their new original series, Walker. We’ve previously seen Amazon teaming up with streamers to host watch parties of new shows which may have influenced CW (and possibly others) to follow their lead. Lastly, negaoryx and H&R Block held a stream to help viewers answer tax questions with the dreaded April 15th deadline looming closer. An H&R Block tax professional joined negaoryx on her stream to hopefully make taxes less frightening than they already are.

TheGrefg x PlayStation Store

  • The 2 hour sponsored segment generated 90K hours watched with an accompanying peak of 61K viewers.

Swagg x CW

  • While playing COD: Warzone, Swagg reached 60K hours watched while averaging 19K viewers during the #ad.

negaoryx x H&R Block

  • Streamer negaoryx reached 41K hours watched and peaked at 25K viewers trying to help those that tuned in with tax advice.

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