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#Ads of the Week – March 13-18, 2022

ads of the week in live streaming - guild wars 2 with fextralife, opi with karlnetwork, and Assassin's Creed Valhalla with HasanAbi

This week’s #Ads of the Week has activations from two video games and one non-endemic brand in the live streaming space. 

Coming in first place is Fextralife with their sponsored stream from Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons with 220.9k hours watched. The third expansion in the Guild Wars 2 saga was released last month, giving players a new world and new features to experience and make live streaming content with. The sponsorship was Fextralife’s most watched stream last week, and it reached a peak concurrent viewership of 51.5k.

In second place is karlnetwork who did a sponsored stream with OPI that garnered 81.4k hours watched. During the stream, karlnetwork painted his nails to promote OPI’s spring collection, a collaboration with Xbox, while watching Mr. Beast YouTube videos. The beauty and cosmetic industry is one non-endemic brand group that has been recently growing in livestreaming and esports. Read Stream Hatchet’s Brands in Gaming and Esports report to learn more about brand activations in live streaming.

The third most popular #Ad of the Week was HasanAbi for his sponsored stream with Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla. The game hasn’t seen much watchtime in the last several months on live streaming platforms, averaging only several hundred hours a day. However, the release of the third installment of DLC on March 9th, Dawn of Ragnarock, has increased viewership of the game. HasanAbi, who recently has been playing Elden Ring in the second half of his streams, garnered almost 40k hours watched last week during his sponsored stream with Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla.

Sponsoring HasanAbi was a potentially good move by the Valhalla team. Less than half a percent of people who watched at least 10 minutes of Elden Ring watch Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla. The sponsorship with HasanAbi will introduce thousands of viewers to a new game that they probably haven’t watched before. In addition, over half of Valhalla viewers watched at least 10 minutes of Elden Ring in the last month. This means that audience overlap between the two games and the potential that Elden Ring viewers will enjoy Valhalla is high, making this a potentially successful activation.

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