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#Ads of the Week: October 18th – 24th, 2021

The latest #ads of the Week featured NICKMERCS, Rubius, and Squeezie in partnership with SeatGeek, Bloodhunt, and House of Ashes! As the release of many new titles edges closer in Q4, games will likely increase their presence on live streaming sites via influencer marketing. However, creators are still generating deals with non-endemic brands as gaming and live streaming continue to expand into pop culture.

Last week, NICKMERCS once again partnered with SeatGeek to promote special offers. SeatGeek, a ticketing service for live sports, concerts, and events, is trying to reach the live streaming audience that gained much of the company’s target audience during the global pandemic. But, as entertainment options like sports and concerts reopen, people will start to benefit again from SeatGeek’s services. NICKMERCS is also the perfect creator to work with as he has ties to the sports world with his partnership with Barstool Sports.

Both Rubius and Squeezie held sponsored segments featuring gameplay of new titles. Rubius showcased Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt, a new free-to-play battle royale game. While battle royales are still dominant in live streaming content, Bloodhunt will try to carve out viewership from others like Fortnite or COD: Warzone. However, the title has released in time for Halloween where the horror-like gameplay may see an uptick in viewership. In the same vein, Squeezie worked with House of Ashes, the third installment of The Dark Pictures Anthology. The horror survival game released last week just in time for the spooky season as well.

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