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Audience Overlap Analysis: TimTheTatman

TL;DR: TimTheTatman’s audience overlaps heavily with other big Call of Duty: Modern Warfare streamers.

In order for brands, agencies, and publishers to make strategic decisions about who to work with, they must understand who their targeted viewers watch the most. This week, Stream Hatchet analyzed TimTheTatman’s July audience to track what channels had the highest viewer overlap percentage. In essence, what channels Tim’s audience watched the most when not watching his stream. 

  • Every streamer listed played Call of Duty: Modern Warfare more than any other game during July. The audience was likely interested in viewing more COD content when Tim was streaming and turned to others who were playing the game.
  • TimTheTatman often plays and squad streams with NICKMERCS, Symfuhny, and Cloakzy. This constant interaction is a likely factor in the high overlap percentage as the audience is familiar with these other streamers. 
  • TimTheTatman and NICKMERCS were the top two streamers on Twitch who primarily played Call of Duty: Modern Warfare in July. Generating the most COD content is likely a significant reason for the large overlap as viewers will likely come across their channels when looking for that type of content.

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