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Top Fast Food Brands in Twitch Chat – Q1 ’22

This week we’re previewing Stream Hatchet’s 2022 Brands in Video Gaming and Esports Report. The report is perfect for brand marketers and marketing agencies looking to boost their presence in video game live streaming and esports. In the report we discuss the rise in sponsored live streams, top categories of brand mentions on Twitch, how the use of other social media platforms like Twitter can help boost campaigns, and several case studies with brands activating well in live streaming and esports.

To preview the report, we’ve pulled a page from our top categories section, looking at the top fast food brands on Twitch. 

Fast food has always been the meal of choice for gamers and live streamers as a quick and easy option during long nights in front of their PCs. While fast food is ubiquitous in the community, brands still need to activate advertising campaigns in order to stay on top and in front of the most viewers and fans in live streaming.

We’ve looked at how well different fast food brands have resonated with consumers by measuring the number of brand chat mentions in Twitch chat for Q1 of this year. McDonald’s grabbed the first spot by a wide margin with 853k mentions. KFC took second place with 586k mentions and Subway nabbed the third spot with 320k mentions. 

In fourth and fifth place was Wendy’s and Burger King with 263k and 245k mentions last quarter.

How Brands Activate in Video Game Live Streaming

McDonald’s has a strong influencer marketing program, sponsoring popular streamers like Alexandra Botez who review products in stream. User generated content like this is a really authentic way for a brand to get their product in front of viewers. Additionally, chat mentions and engagements by viewers are usually boosted when a streamer talks about or uses a product on stream.

In 2019, Wendy’s worked with the popular battle royale game Fortnite to create a custom in-game character to promote their fresh, never-frozen beef product. Creating in-game events with a specific story is a great way to get fans talking about your brand, and making it a limited-time event pushes viewers to engage in a shorter period of time for a concise marketing plan. 

Our 2022 Brands in Video Gaming and Esports Report is set to release next week. Click here to get the report as soon as it’s released!

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