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Dota 2 International 2023: Prize Pool Down but Viewership Up

The Dota 2 International 2023 faced a notable challenge this year, with the prize pool seeing a reduction to $3 million. Despite this decrease from previous years’ soaring prize offerings, the tournament demonstrated the unwavering dedication of its global fan base. Rather than a downturn, viewership for the prestigious event actually experienced a significant uptick.

Statistics revealed a 31.6% increase in Average Minute Audience (AMA). This jump is indicative of a growing interest in Dota 2’s competitive scene, suggesting that the tournament’s appeal extends far beyond the financial stakes—it’s about the high-octane gameplay, team strategies, and vibrant community that Dota 2 nurtures. 

The overall Hours Watched echoed this positive trend, showing a 1.6% increase. This rise in viewership hours speaks to the event’s ability to capture and retain an audience’s attention, with fans across the globe tuning in to witness the pinnacle of Dota 2 competition.

An interesting development in this year’s tournament was the rise in co-streamers’ performance. Co-streamers’ hours watched soared by 35.3%, with their average viewership also climbing by 17.6%. These co-streamers, who offer their own commentary and insights over the live tournament feed, have clearly become a beloved aspect of the viewing experience, adding a personalized touch to the event’s coverage.

Nix generated almost 9 million hours watched while streaming The International

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