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ESLAND Awards Chat Participation Among Top Nominees

The nominees for Streamer of the Year according to the ESLAND Awards are out now for people to start voting. Here at Stream Hatchet, we have decided to take a more in-depth look into the chat participation of each one of the nominees to determine which has the highest.

Elmariana and Rivers_gg are the streamers with the highest percentage of chat participation, with 28% and 27% respectively. Following them are Elspreen and WestCOL with 20% and 18% respectively. The top 4 is conformed by all Latin American streamers, while the rest are all Spanish streamers such as DjMariio, Illojuan, Rubius, Elxokas and Ibai. LATAM audiences are seemingly increasing, as well as streamers are growing more popular and becoming pillars of the industry in this community.

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