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Kai Cenat and Elden Ring: The Key to Marathon Stream Success

Kai Cenat has been on a roll lately. Thanks to big-name collaborations with celebrities from other spheres of entertainment and high airtimes full of Variety content, Kai Cenat has found himself rocketing up the top streamer rankings, . On the 6 of May, – a feat achieved by only a handful of streamers including xQc and shroud.A key part of Kai Cenat’s success can be attributed to his marathon gaming streams, putting in dozens of hours back-to-back to smash through games. His most recent marathon is , the FromSoftware title that continues to thrive on live-streaming platforms even two years after release. Kai Cenat’s marathon streams are captivating audiences, providing a wholesome alternative to some of his more controversial IRL content.With Kai Cenat set to defeat the final boss of ’s main story, it’s time to look at how well these streams have performed and the success of Kai Cenat’s other marathon streams.