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YoY Growth: Facebook vs. Mixer


While Twitch and YouTube often garner most of the attention when it comes to streaming platforms, Facebook has been slowly creating its own path. On the other hand, Mixer generated a lot of buzz around signing Ninja and Shroud but it hasn’t led to any sustainable viewership. This week, Stream Hatchet analyzes the year-over-year growth of both Facebook and Mixer as the two platforms are trending in different directions.

  • While Facebook has seen an increase of 345% in total hours watched since April 2019, Mixer has declined 26% over the same period.
  • Facebook dominates mobile viewership which is a large reason for their success both in North America and internationally as LATAM and APAC consume substantial mobile game content.
  • With the announcement of Facebook’s new gaming app launching soon, the company is focused on stealing more market share from Twitch and YouTube. Mobile game viewership will likely be the starting point but expect the strategy to broaden as Facebook continues to generate more viewership.
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