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The Finals Attracts Top CS and VALORANT Streamers

The Finals, the latest competitive tactical shooter, has made quite the entry into the gaming world. Released on December 8th, this game has rapidly captivated both creators and players, especially on Twitch. After a modest beginning, the game generated 7.9M hours watched, a peak of 93K viewers, and 25k average viewers across all platforms.

Sustained Engagement

The Finals has sustained very well across these past few days, maintaining very well the numbers it generated. Out of the 7.9M hours watched, the daily average has been of 661K with increasing numbers during the past few days, meaning that creators have started to pick up on it and started to broadcast the game

The hype was evident, considering it was presented during the Game Awards and released the day after, it reached 36K chat mentions across Twitch and Kick. Even after the initial surge, the game continued to perform well, maintaining up to 26K chat mentions on average in the subsequent days after release. This indicates a more enduring engagement with the audiences.

The Finals Top Creators

Since The Finals release, former CS and VALORANT professional player Shroud has been the game’s top creator across live-streaming platforms. In the first 11 days of release, he generated 660K hours watched. Following him is Sentinels’ content creator and former pro player Aceu with 322K hours watched. It appears that creators from other shooting games are getting a feel for this new shooter and testing the possibility for a competitive scene to develop.

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