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How Super Bowl LVII Affected Twitch Chat

While Twitch is often thought of as a gaming-centric live streaming platform, the amount of non-gaming content is on the rise. As reported in our 2022 Live Streaming Trends Report, non-gaming content streamed on Twitch was up almost 6% in 2022, while gaming-specific content was down 8%. 

In fact, half of the top 10 peak moments in live streaming in 2022 across major platforms were non-gaming, and 4 were sports-specific; 2 soccer events (including the FIFA World Cup), 1 boxing match, and 1 racing event made the top charts. 

While no channels on Twitch were licensed to live stream this year’s NFL Super Bowl, the platform was still host to many conversations about what viewers were watching on cable. 

Super Bowl LVII

Super Bowl LVII was held this year in Arizona featuring the two best teams in football: the AFC’s Kansas City Chiefs versus the NFC’s Philadelphia Eagles. Kansas City ultimately came out victorious with a score of 38-35. The high-scoring affair sent Twitch chat into a frenzy, with viewers across the platform discussing the event.

Eagles vs Chiefs Twitch Chat Mentions

Eagles vs Chiefs Super Bowl LVII Twitch Chat Messages Feb 12-13

From February 12th to 13th the Chiefs and Eagles generated over 138K mentions across Twitch. Many of these mentions came from popular channels like AMP’s KaiCenat and OTK’s EsfandTV who hosted watch parties during the event. Many chatters voiced their frustrations towards the Eagles who were the favorites to win the Championship. On the other end of the spectrum, mentions of Patrick Mahomes becoming a GOAT came flooding in, especially in KaiCenat’s Twitch chat. 

This year’s Super Bowl halftime performance headliner was Rihanna. Rihanna’s halftime performance generated 22.4K mentions from Feb 12-13th making up 25% of all relevant mentions between her and the NFL. 

Rihanna Super Bowl Halftime Performance

Super Bowl LVII vs Rihanna Twitch Chat Messages Feb 12-13

Both Rihanna and the NFL saw massive growth in chat activity post Super Bowl LVII. Before Super Bowl Sunday, the NFL and overall football mentions averaged about 33K per day. However, on the day of and the day following the event, the number of NFL-related chat mentions doubled to an average of 67K per day. Rihanna saw an even greater boost of an average of 3K mentions per day to 22K mentions during and after the Super Bowl, a whopping 590% increase.

As creators have begun to diversify their content on platforms such as Twitch and YouTube Live, there are now more opportunities than ever for non-gaming companies to take advantage of that audience.

To learn more about how you can start activating in the live streaming space and better understand your potential audience, schedule some time with a customer success representative. 

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